The original Peak Oil film

Monday 24 September, 6.30pm, Ritzy Cinema, Brixton. followed by Q&A 



Depletion and the Collapse of The American

This is the film that sparked the entire Transition Town movement. It is very American but no less valid for all that. View a trailer at

It will be followed by a Q&A with Adam Dadeby of the UK network for information and discussion of Peak Oil.

"?The End of Suburbia? changed my life. The film delivered it straight,
addressing peak oil and our collective oil dependency like nothing
prior to it had. It was informative, funny and chilling. It has been an
extraordinary phenomenon, shown in community screenings around the
world, and has arguably done more to promote the peak oil concept than
any book yet produced on the subject. "
Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition Town Totnes



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