88th B-day of Brixtonian Environmentalist

Transition Town Brixton is proud to celebrate this week the birthday an original Brixtonian, ‘the Gandhi of modern science’, the world renowned scientist James Lovelock, who is 88 on Thursday July 26th.   James Lovelock invented the concept of the Earth as a planetary "super-organism" and provided the twentieth century with what may be one of its most important theories of life on Earth: the ‘Gaia’ hypothesis.

James Lovelock was born in 1919 in Brixton where he was raised as the only child of working-class parents.  Lovelock learnt more from the books he read in Brixton library than he did at his highly regimented and detested school.




?Where were you educated yourself Professor??

‘I went to school in Brixton, two schools, a grammar school opposite Brixton prison, then I started my career as a lab technician in London, and then going to college for evening classes, but I learnt more from the consultancy than I ever did from university.’ (Interview with Creel Commission- 8.8.05)

Although he is one of the most famous scientists on the planet and one of the creators of our current environmental consciousness, he has often been considered a maverick by the green movement ? but Transition Towns Brixton salutes his extraordinary work ? however controversial ? and  wishes him a Happy Birthday this week!

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