Brockwell Park In Danger!

Threat to Brockwell Park


A scheme has been proposed to cut more than 1,000 sq metres off the Park near the Herne Hill gate as part
of a traffic system.
.  Lambeth Council have now applied for
planning permission for this.


The best way to campaign is to write a
letter to the planning department formally setting out why you object
in your own words.


Write to:
Planning Department, Lambeth Town Hall,
London, SW2 1RW

Stating reference 07/03341/RG3


If you don’t have time to write an
individual letter, or wonder what to say, you can fill out a standard
objection letter at


Please note that the deadline for
responses is Friday 16th November.


for information see:

The effect of the plan on Brockwell Park
Print off a petition for your friends and neighbours to sign
Sign the petition on-line


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