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Lambeth Housing – actively promoting renewable energy via housing refurbishment and regeneration

Lambeth Housing Directorate (DHS) is promoting the integration of renewable energy into housing stock refurbishment and regeneration projects to contribute to the government’s strategy on climate change and as part of its commitment to promote sustainable construction. Lambeth Council has become one of the leading London Boroughs in terms of successfully promoting and implementing renewable energy projects in our housing stock

DHS Environment Team has been effective in bidding for grants under the government’s renewable grants regime and has attracted £207,000 for solar photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal projects. We have also secured £953,000 for community heating and combined heat and power at Roupell Park. While not classified as a renewable energy source, CHP is extremely energy efficient and the CO2 reductions will be very significant.

The DHS Environment Team has been successful in bidding for the allocation of annual capital funding for renewables. This capital has been used as leverage / match funding to successfully attract DTI grants for solar PV. We have also developed several solar thermal projects, and have recently completed a feasibility study to identify if wind power microturbines can be located on any of our tower blocks.

Summary of previous projects

2002 Tomkyns House Ethelred Estate

A 3.2kw solar PV panel system retrofitted to this sheltered block to power the lifts and communal lighting. The PV installation saves 2 tonnes of CO2 each year, a major greenhouse gas and reduces electricity costs to DHS.

2000- 2004 Various solar thermal projects in individual homes

We installed solar thermal in 24 properties at our bungalows in Banesberie Close, and in a number of other street properties during refurbishment. Typically these projects reduce fuel costs for hot water by 40-60% for residents, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

2004 Langholm Close Clapham Park

Langholm Close project was an exciting partnership between Lambeth Housing and Clapham Park Project and was jointly funded by DHS, with match funding from the Clapham Park Project and a grant award from the DTI for £97,500 for the solar Photovoltaic roof (PV). Langholm Close (43 sheltered flats) has benefited from a major refurbishment, including the new solar roof, which generates 21kwp of green electricity, saving 8 tonnes+ of CO2 each year. The project was awarded second place in the European Solar Awards.

2005 Boatemah Walk (previously Warwick House) AngellTown estate

Lambeth Housing has successfully completed 19 new homes demonstrating best practice in sustainable construction, featuring an integrated solar PV roof, which attracted a £73,000 Energy Savings Trust grant. The roof powers 4 mobility units on the ground floor and generates total electricity for 4 average three-bed houses each year, annually saving nearly 5.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

2005 Ullswater Road -homeless persons hostel

We have installed solar thermal panels as part of the roof renewal for this hostel to reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions.

2006 Street property solar PV roof renewal

We intend to install a solar PV integrated tiled roof on a Victorian terraced property to benefit the family living there. The solar PV tiles will generate 2.5kw of electricity and reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 1 tonne per annum.

2006 Arlington Lodge

We have installalled an 80 sq M solar PV system on the new flat roof of Arlington Lodge, in Brixton, which will provide 25% of the electricity required to run communal lighting and lifts. The electricity generated by the solar panels will save 6.6 tonnes of CO2 that would have been emitted if the electricity had been generated by a traditional power station.

Next projects?

We have £60k allocated for the next Lambeth Housing project and have applied to the ‘Low Carbon Building programme’ for 50% grant funding for a 20KW solar installation at Mursell estate in Stockwell. We have a major refurbishment project in development for the three tower blocks on Ethelred estate. This will turn the building into low energy homes and include 120kw solar PV, and possibly wind turbines. We have also allocated £70k to assist our Housing Association partners with capital grant to help them integrate renewable in their new homes in Lambeth.

The Lambeth Planning system – (revised draft deposit Unitary Development Plan) -A new policy (32a) requires 10% renewable energy in new developments

Policy 32a sets out a 10% renewable requirement on all major developments above 1000sq m or 10 dwellings. Assuming final adoption of the policy, developers will have to incorporate renewable energy equipment to provide at least 10% of predicted energy requirements. Development Control officers are already negotiating on the 10% renewables requirement, as it is a Revised Deposit UDP policy.

On major developments in Lambeth the DHS Environment team supports Planning and regeneration Colleagues in sustainability appraisals to ensure that renewable energy requirements are being thoroughly reviewed and identified. This includes Clapham Park New Deal and Myatts Fields North PFI. The Team has also been involved in appraisals for landmark projects such as the Vauxhall Tower , Kerrin Point site and Future Clapham to promote renewable energy amongst other sustainability considerations.

Example of best practice in Lambeth?

At a site designated for ‘zero energy’ Lambeth Council has worked closely with London & Quadrant Housing Trust to develop a project with 60 new homes, which will definitely address climate change. The homes will be super-insulated, triple glazed, use sustainable materials and have 40% on-site renewable energy. This will be provided through a combination of a biomass boiler plant, solar water heating and solar PV.

Energy efficiency

We are actively promoting energy efficiency, in both public and private housing. We have a £5m+ partnership with Powergen to undertake cavity wall insulation in DHS homes.

Jon Lissimore

Environmental Development Manager

tel 0207 926 3572 email

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