Energy Group Mins 04-12-07

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I seem to have misplaced my notes after taking so long to write these up, so my apologies. These are from the notes that Olivia took – thank you!

There were four ideas that were brought up at the meeting:

A. Energy audits for key buildings

Map TTB Brixton area marking out key buildings for energy auditing (quick wins/high public profile etc) (ADAM?)

Contact Lambeth Council with map to a) ascertain what work has already been done/is being considered, b) for good communication purposes attempting to prevent doubling of efforts and confusion in community, and c) generally keep good relations.

Decide key buildings to look at

Find energy audit practitioners (free)

Talk to building owners

AUDIT! and create energy action plan…

Support action plan and follow up (most important I think!)

B. Website additions

Add energy group ideas and members to website (KEIR?)

Echo action (identify community groups for Echo Action energy reduction workshops) Put add up on website with Sue’s contact details (OLIVIA)

C. Postcard idea of energy efficiency steps that can be taken in Brixton area

(I didn’t get any specific actions for this, but it was an idea that was parallel to the Building group, do we have contact details for them?)

D. Energy switch for xmas present gift

(Suggestions?)Write a ‘dear santa’ leaflet for people to give.

Talk to Good Energy about the idea? (OLIVIA)

Also: The ideas that Duncan came and pitched in at the end were:

1) Postcard idea (see C above)

2) A section on oil vulnerability on the website

3) Smart metering possibilities in key buildings

The names in brackets are those of the people we think might be willing to be responsible for facilitating the ideas proposed; if you are NOT willing then please delete your name or contact me (Keir) and I will do it for you. Likewise (and hopefully) if you want to take responsibility for anything then do the same. I am happy to take on the task of adding anything to the Wiki if that’s what people want – though obviously you can all do this yourselves!

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